Joshua Lance


I am Josh and this is my chance to talk about myself very briefly. Born and raised in Western New Jersey, I had a pretty normal life, did the high school and college thing. In 2006, I moved out to Santa Fe, NM to experience a different way of life, but wanted to be somewhere where the essence of the environment matched my inside essence. During the course of my life, I learned how to paint, do graphic design, illustration, photography and travel all over this amazing country. I am fond of the creative life and would love to expand my talents in other industries, like music and art. I am very hardworking and very creative when it comes to artistic projects. My most recent venture was my friends' wedding in July 2011 where they asked me to be their wedding photographer. How could I say no to that? And behold, they loved the results and gave me the confidence and experience to expand my creative skills further. I would love to work with someone who enjoys "thinking outside the box" as much as I do. My attitude is "Whatever it takes, I'll do". My rates are very reasonable, especially in this economy, I'm very sensitive and offer my services to anyone who wants a job done right with upstanding results.